Saturday February 15, 2020 admin

Any Problems in your Microwave-Oven?  Probably, your Oven not heating, low heating, short circuited, no power on, buttons not working, electric shock on body etc. Here our experienced technicians are ready to solve any faulty in your microwave oven.

Don’t worry, we are here ready to service, repair and maintenance any brands microwave oven at resonable price. Home Service facilities available in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur area of Nepal.

The microwave oven has to be one of the most popular household appliances ever devised. With its operating simplicity and speed of performance, it is an essential part of the modern kitchen. Owing to our dependence on such devices, it becomes necessary to learn the basic skills required to tackle common  microwave problems.

Always take the maximum precautions while working on your microwave. If you are inexperienced in working with such devices, it might be safer to seek the services of a trained service technician.

Well, with all the convenience given by microwave ovens, it is difficult to imagine a daily day routine when the microwave oven gets defective. So timely or periodic servicing in necessary to proper functioning of microwave oven.