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How to repair/troubleshoot appliances Problems?
Hope safely! all of you are at your own home quarantine. At this stage please prevent foods by proper storages. Keep warm yourself by using warm clothes or you may also use heating appliances or air conditioner. Always use clean and sanitized clothes. Entertain by watching TV and Music Videos. It’s mean nowadays, your all home appliances should be at proper condition.Sorry to say we can’t come at this time due to corona-virus, within lockdown period. But;

Electro Ref Tech Pvt. Ltd. is providing you free online service to solve minor problems in your home appliances.

Not every appliance problem needs professional repair. In many cases, the fixes are simple enough to do yourself in just a few minutes. Before troubleshooting unplug the power socket and use the normal safety rules. Then call us, our helpline number is +9779818776832
You can also mail us
[email protected]