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Compare Multiple brands Cheapest Air Conditioner Price in Nepal

To get Cheapest AC / Cheaper AC / low price AC / Best Air conditioner in Nepal, you may contact us. In Electro Ref Tech Pvt. Ltd. you will find almost all top brands air conditioner at heavy discount. To get more dis-countable price, please contact us or visit our products page. Here is some major brands AC price list,

SkyworthWall Mount Split AC -Normal1 TRSMFH12B-2A2A1NA59,50042,800
ChunlanWall Mount Split AC -Normal1 TRCS-12R/VEAWA56,30043,500
TachiairWall Mount Split AC -Normal0.75 TRCS 090TA49,50043,065
MideaWall Mount Split AC - Blanc Series 0.75 TRMSMAB-09HRN153,00045,580
GreeWall Mount Split AC -Fixed Frequency Series1 TRGWH12AAB-K3NNA2A57,00046,740
YasudaWall Mount Split AC -Normal1 TRYS-AC12TH58,82950,000
HyundaiWall Mount Split AC -Normal0.75 TRHYCFA-09GRN159,50050,000
SansuiWall Mount Split AC -Normal1 TRSSZ12.CT9-MHB59,13950,270
VoltasWall Mount Split AC -Normal0.75 TRNORMAL-TYPE64,97150,677
Blue StarWall Mount Split Fixed Speed AC1 TRHW12HXYFA1-0657,35757,357
IFBWall Mount Split AC -Normal1 TRIACS12KAOTCN72,90065,610
PanasonicWall Mount Split AC -Normal1 TRUW12TKY-875,600 67,860
SamsungWall Mount Split AC -Inverter
0.75 TRAR09MSFHRWKNRC81,990 73,000
Every brands AC has its own features with respect to quality and price so may choose as your requires. Almost all top Brands Air Conditioner available in Electro-Ref Tech Pvt. Ltd. Showroom Nepal. To get special CHEAPEST price please contact us.