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Harvard University scientists tracked students through a hot spell and examined the performance of individuals living in air-conditioned dormitories compared to those sweltering away in hot rooms.

They found participants from hotter buildings performed worse in problem solving and memory tests compared to those with air conditioning.


During summer heat waves, you know your body will be hot and sluggish. But did you know that your brain is affected by the heat too?

Data from this study and other experiments suggests humans work best at an optimum temperature, and the researchers recommended the roll-out of sustainable air conditioning systems wherever possible.

“This applies to kids in schools, office workers – and often we find that temperature levels are too hot because there is no air conditioning,” Dr Jose Guillermo Cedeno-Laurent, who led the study, told The Independent.

Previous work examining the effect of heatwaves on health and mental abilities has been restricted to the more vulnerable people in society, like the elderly and young children.

In winter season also verry difficult to survive. To increase working efficiency in organizations and to feel comfortable with family in your home Air conditioning system requires to maintain both hot and cool.

This has created the false impression that the average person is not at risk from heatwaves.